April 11, 2010


I've been feeling some pressure the last month or so.  It could be perceived or it could be real.  It comes in waves.  At times it almost makes me want to just leave and find a place to work where there aren't so many problems--like a prison.   That is supposed to be a joke, but I don't know how far off it is.  Pick up any newspaper and you can find an article about the state of education today. 

Funding?  Cut, slash, cut some more...., increase class sizes until the seams are bursting,  problem kids stay in rooms because there are no behavior alternatives, but you better raise achievement, and the government may just pink slip you before the end of the year-- so even if we promised to pay you for the work you did --sorry.    

You are doing it for the kids, right? You're a teacher.

Even if all these things are happening...just give some slack in some area ....   somewhere.....