June 24, 2010

Interesting Observation

School has been out for nearly three weeks now.  I have many things I want to write, and will write them in days to come. 
In these last three weeks, I spent about one week working in my classroom doing some deep cleaning/purging of my files.  They have not been done for about 5 years because I generally don't have time during the schook year and usually feel rushed at the end of the year to make room for the summer school teachers who will be in my room.  This year my classroom is not being used, so I took advantage of the time. 
Then I took a week to work on the district level helping to align and write the common math assessment for our grade level next year.
This past week I have been doing work at home catching up on chores that have been neglected all year. 
Sprinkled throughout the 3 weeks have been fun days of relaxing, time out with friends, family, and lazy days. 
Tonight I went to a happy hour with a slew of colleagues at a local pub.  Three of them wont be returning to our building next year, so it it was good to have this time with them to laugh, to tell stories, and to have a good time.  I havent seen many of them since the last couple days of school 3 weeks ago.
One such friend looked at me and said that I was looking very relaxed-- that I looked happy and glowing and so different since school has ended.  She remarked that the time off has been good for me. 

How interesting---  that the stress of the year physically manifested itself upon me without me realizing it and now as summer unfolds, the year leaves me.  I know that this past year was a hard year. Physically, mentally, emotionally.  But I guess it was visible as well.