July 23, 2010

Along with the Good comes the Not-So-Good

A while back I shared as sweet treat that I received during Teacher's Appreciation week. That is an example of one of the good things that happen in the life of a teacher. But just like the law of physics, with the good there is also the the not-so good and teachers have their share of that as well.

The picture above is one of my "not-so-goods" that happened about the same time that I received the Snicker Sundae.   This picture is of the entry to my classroom which includes a door and window.  One of my students became angry and punched the window with their fist causing it to break.   The window was made of safety glass so it did not shatter and thankfully the student was not hurt nor was anyone else hurt.  ( although I can imagine it must have been painful at some point for the student when the adrenaline wore off)  The picture was taken after a board was put up behind it to stabalize it until it could be fixed.   I didn't think to take the red bag down before taking the picture either-- that is our class emergency bag that is kept near the door .  We grab that on our way out the door should their be a fire or severe weather ( or drills for these things). 

When this happened , I called my administration to handle the incident because of the severity of the situation.    
 Thankfully, in my school there is more good than not-so-good..  :)

July 17, 2010

July 16, 2010

Snicker Sundae

For Teacher Appreciation last spring one of my students brought me this treat - a snicker sundae.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  It was so sweet!  Literally!