December 16, 2013

Subbing: A New Adventure

I stepped out of the classroom awhile back for various reasons and now I have decided to step back into the education playing field--jumping in with substitute teaching.  To make the decision I considered the pros & cons:


  • Get to know many age levels, many buildings, many colleagues 
  • hours are basically school hours - no planning or grading outside of school 
  • Schedule is more your own - you can take a day if you'd like it off

  • Most days you don't know where or if you are working until that day or night before 
  • pay is mediocre and no benefits 
  • some children consider sub days a license to misbehave; they do not respect the authority of a sub
  • every building has a different climate and silent culture that must be learned 

The bottom line is teaching, education, school, is what I know and what I do.  Being out of the classroom made it all too clear that it is my calling and I miss it.   So, the adventure begins. 

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