February 14, 2015

Putting on a Program

I'm working at a private school this year teaching middle school.  It has been a bit of a learning curve and that is why I haven't posted in awhile.  Anyway....

My class was responsible for putting together a short program this week.  We started discussing what to do about 3 weeks ago and my students got very ambitious and wanted to write a skit.   We did some research and figured out a theme and they got all excited about performing.  But...no one was willing or offering to write a script.  I think they expected me to do it and I just didn't have time.

Last week I suggested they come up with some songs or something because I truly didn't think we had time to write out a script, cast it, learn lines and practice ....all in less than a week. 

But they dug in and got it done.  A couple gals wrote the script and I edited it only a bit.  I compromised  and gave up a little bit of class time so they could practice.  I gave them some extra homework to make it up.  

Things did not flow smoothly--- people got their feelings bruised because they didn't think they got a big enough part,  and we had some absences that made us scramble.  The final touch was some snow and slick roads the morning we were to perform--so getting to school on time was tough.  

But.....they did it!   And it was great.    

What did I learn?  Don't underestimate students.  Always expect the best. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  


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