August 5, 2015

Middle School Bash

Middle school kids are social.  Very social.

We had a Middle School Bash last weekend to get the students together before school actually starts.
This serves three purposes:

  1. To help the new kids who are moving up into middle school develop a sense of belonging 
  2. To create community between grade levels and amongst  the teachers 
  3. To have fun  

I think we accomplished all purposes.  We had about 30% participation -- which I feel is good because of  vacations and such these last few days.  

The evening was full of water balloons, pizza, and kickball.  It rained for awhile, but we used that time to go in and have the pizza.   

My thoughts for the evening:  I was surprised at how much last year's 6th graders have grown over the summer.   I also hope that the new 6th graders will find that we teachers are approachable.  

I think having a bash should become an annual event. 

Do you do anything over the summer to engage with your students? 

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