August 4, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

At the end of last school year I had decided to leave the school where I was teaching.  You can read about it here.   But during the summer, the school board contacted me to see if I would come back for another year.  The principal had resigned leaving things a bit topsy turvy and there were a few teaching positions to be filled.  They were looking for some consistency.  Since I did not have any other employment plans in place, I gave the offer a lot of thought and decided to return. 

It is a small private school.  It will be nice to keep the small classes, know the hidden culture of the school, and  know most of my students before the year begins.  There will be the same disadvantages as last year, but this year I will know about these going in.  

The awkward part is that people, both teachers/staff and parents, knew that I was leaving.  So I feel like there is room for gossip and rumor.  I do not want to participate in that.  Already I have run into people who ask me leading questions hoping that I will fill in the blanks.   

I am kind and courteous, but I am not offering any information that is not necessary.  

It has led to a few prolonged silences.  The good thing is that I am very busy trying to prepare, so the silence can be made brief as I make excuses to get back to work.  

I don't know what the year will hold, but I am excited about teaching the kids.  


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