January 10, 2014

Snow Day No Way!

When I taught full time in the classroom, as most teachers will agree, snow days are like treats- little vacation days- like an oasis in the desert.  We cherish them. We get silly and act like Oprah's audience during her "Favorite Things" show. 

But now as a substitute teacher, I say "Snow day, no way! "   For me, a snow day now means a day of no work which translates to a day without pay.   So when we have snow days, I lose money.  Money that I cannot make up.

So while I still like the idea of cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa and a book, watching the snow and cold from inside; I do not-- cannot-- afford them.

We've had two snow days thus far this year. My neighbors to the east have had a whole week of them.
Have you had snow days? 

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